Q: Where do you deliver? 

A: Petals Box is now available for delivery in Miami-Dade: Brickell, South Beach, Wynwood, etc.


We have a flat rate delivery cost of $10.00

Q: How soon can I get  flowers sent out?

A: Please place your order 24h in advance and we will make sure to deliver your special box on time. 

Should you require a delivery in less than 24h please contact us ASAP at 786-498-0647 (message, Viber, WhatsApp) to arrange delivery. We will do our best to accommodate all orders.

Q: Do you deliver on weekends?

A: Yes – we do deliver on weekends and holidays.



Q: I made a mistake in my order. What should I do?

A: Please email us/call us as quickly as possible, so that your changes can be taken into account before delivery. Please include your order number to help our staff process your request as quickly as possible.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality and freshness of our roses. If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know, we will do everything we can to solve it. Whatever it takes. Guaranteed.

Q: Will you send me an email to confirm my order? 

A: Yes, once you have confirmed your order and made your payment through our secured system, we will send you an email to summarize your order.

Q: What payment methods do you accept? 

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal. 

Q: How do I know my payment is secure? 

A:  We take your security very seriously. Your payment is processed using the latest industry security standards. All transactions are carried out within a secure payment zone. 

Q: When is my credit/debit card charged? 

A: After the initial security check, your full order payment is normally reserved within five or ten minutes. If there is a problem securing this authorization you will be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. 

Q: What will happen if the recipient is not home to receive this special gift? 

A: You will see "comments section" on the order page which allows you to suggest a place for the courier to leave the flowers in case the recipient is not home. Please specify the instructions and we will be in touch with you immediately via phone. 



Q: How do I care for my flowers?

AOur European hand-made luxury boxes are designed to act as a vase for the entire existence of the roses. Your roses are arranged in special floral foam and will last you between 1-2 weeks.

You don’t have to change water, just enjoy! 

You can keep and use the signature box after your unique experience as a decorative piece.                                                                       Caring for your roses means you can enjoy them for longer. 

1: Do Not water or refrigerate your roses
2: Keep them away from direct sunlight or heat

3: Do Not remove the roses from the box. They are happy in the box
4: Be gentle when carrying the arrangement. It is delicate

5: Simply hold the box from the bottom

Q: Can I send a card of a message along with my bouquet? 

A: Of course! After you have selected your favorite bouquet,  you will be asked to write a few words on our specially designed Petals Box cards.

Q: Do you do customized orders? 

A: Absolutely. When it comes to roses, we offer a wide variety of options. Just send us an email us at or call us at 786-498-0647 in case you would like a specialized roses and design.

Q: Any other questions? 

A: Please feel to contact us - 786-498-0647 or via Contact form.